Terms and Conditions for LOKSATTA – Tarun Tejankit Awards

  1. There is no entry fee for Nominations.
  2. Nomination Forms should be filled by the nominee himself/ herself only for achievements in professional capacity. Nominations made by other persons would be considered invalid.
  3. Nominee (s) must have completed 18 years of age as on31st December 2022.
  4. Each Nomination shall be made in the manner and with the forms, disclosures and enclosures mentioned in the online registration form.  The person(s) nominated shall be under 40 years of age as on 31st December 2023, and Maharashtrian, defined for the purpose of these Awards as Marathi speaking or part of the Marathi /Maharashtrian Diaspora /descent.  The Nominator shall give provide details of the achievements of person [s] nominated and reasons for why he /she/they should receive the Award.  The Nominator shall disclose any relation / relationship/ interest in the person[s] nominated &/or the achievements of person[s] nominated.  In the event any information or infirmity in the Nomination comes to the knowledge of the Nominator after Nomination is filed and/or any conflict of interest, he/she shall disclose the same immediately to email id taruntejankit@gmail.com
  5. Nominee(s) can be domiciled in India or abroad.
  6. Nominee(s) must have carried out the activities for which he/she has been nominated for a minimum of twelve continuous months.
  7. Nominee (s) may be individuals or an individual working in a group or association of young people.  Where nominee is an individual working in a group or association of young people relevant evidence that such individual is a member of the group or association and has been personally engaged in the activity for the specified period for which he or she has been nominated shall be required.
  8. Nominee(s) must complete all sections of the nomination form[s], and disclosure.
  9. Nomination forms shall be submitted online through this link. Any nomination sent by another mode or emailed, posted etc will not be accepted. LOKSATTA (The Indian Express [P] Ltd) accepts no responsibility for failure to submit a nomination due to technical or non technical reasons.
  10. Nomination forms must be submitted and received before 23:59 on 09/02/2024. Nomination forms received after this date & time will be rejected.
  11. Multiple nomination forms not to be submitted for any Nominee (s).
  12. After the nomination form is received, all communications shall be communicated or done with the nominees only, which will not be limited to queries, clarifications and notifications relating to LOKSATTA -Tarun Tejankit Awards.
  13. The Judges may require clarifications or further information, which shall be submitted during the timeframe specified by LOKSATTA (TIEL).  Failure to meet the deadline, the clarification or further information may not be considered by the Judges.
  14. LOKSATTA (TIEL)  reserves its right to withdraw or cancel any award if  it has reason to believe that false, incomplete &/or misleading  information has been provided to support a Nominee or any conflict of interest or material information  has not been disclosed.
  15. Nomination forms and all documents submitted shall become the property of the LOKSATTA (TIEL).   No copies thereof shall be returned or provided to anyone under any circumstances.
  16. By submitting Nomination form (s), the Nominee(s) shall have been deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions contained herein and /or as modified by LOKSATTA (TIEL) from time to time.  Each Nominee  shall give his/her  consent  to LOKSATTA (TIEL) to publish or use the response to “Why should you be a LOKSATTA – Tarun Tejankit”,  in print, online and/or any media  which may be edited,  covered in press releases and at events or used for promotions.   Content from other sections of the Nomination form may also be used in this way.
  17. No part of any Nomination form and/or submission for LOKSATTA – Tarun Tejankit  Awards shall contain false information, defamatory, obscene, breach of privacy, infringing copyright and intellectual property rights, or otherwise illegal, immoral or contrary to public policy.   LOKSATTA (TIEL) reserves the right to delete or remove any Nomination form with any offending material.
  18. The decision of the Judges as confirmed by LOKSATTA (TIEL) shall be final and binding.
  19. LOKSATTA (TIEL) reserves their right to suspend, cancel, or modify the rules and regulations for these Awards at any time and without prior notice.
  20. LOKSATTA (TIEL) reserves the right to return or cancel any submission / entry at any stage without assigning reasons.
  21. In the event that there is any challenge or doubt as to the integrity, veracity, genuineness, authenticity, fairness or otherwise of any entry or Nominee, the Judges and TIEL may in their sole discretion, withdraw his /her submission at any stage, not limited to withdrawal or cancellation of declaration of winner (s). The decision of the Judges and TIEL will be final.
  22. Nominee (s) declared winner (s) in any category, he/she shall make best efforts to attend the Awards ceremony.
  23. No claim of whatsoever nature shall be entertained if the winner[s] fail[s] to collect the Prize[s] at the Awards ceremony and/or venue specified by LOKSATTA (TIEL).
  24. No cash or compensation shall be payable in lieu of the prize.
  25. The Courts of Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction.